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Hi, my name is Sam, and I'm just a 21-year old girl from Montreal who likes stuff. I enjoy lifting heavy weights and encourage others to do the same, and am now studying with the goal of becoming a personal trainer with NSCA-CPT certification. I am an aspiring powerlifter with one meet under my belt, but I sort of suck.This blog is an amalgamation of personal stuff, rambles, fitness, food, animals, butts, and really stupid things.
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^ that was 155x3 (warmup) from last night because hey form and

> this is my175lbsx5


but anyway, form is a lot better now that I’ve changed it - everything feels easier off the ground and better overall and I am lifting more weight. Woo. I mean, 185lb was my previous 1Rm and now I did it x3 after a working set.

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